Dr. Vieira is a practicing Clinical Psychologist. She holds 2 master's degrees, one in Counseling and Guidance, the other in Psychology, as well as her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. She has been in private practice since the early 80's. 

     Dr. Vieira specializes in Adult Individual and Group Psychotherapy as well as Couple Counseling. Her orientation is psychodynamic. 

     Dr. Vieira is also a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner who employs a family of healing methods that are closely related but outside the scope of clinical psychology. She is a part of an entire body of practitioners in Energy Psychology who employ a family of mind-body therapies and self-help techniques to reduce stress. She believes there can be disruptions in the body's natural energy flow that runs through and around a body. These disruptions can be the cause of emotional distress, negative thinking and unwanted behaviors. 

     Energy Psychology methods include working with the human energy system using meridians, acupoints and chakras. In addition to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR,) Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Mindfulness (which are considered within the scope of the practice of psychology) Dr. Vieira is also trained in other Energy Psychology Self-Help Techniques such as Touch for Health, Educational Kinesiology, Total Body Modification allergy harmonizing as well as other mind/body techniques such as hypothesizing the probable emotional cause to certain disruptions in the body. Although closely related these techniques are considered outside the scope of practice in psychotherapy and more closely related to Life Coaching, for which Dr. Vieira is also certified. 

     With your expressed consent she works sequentially between clinical psychology and these other energy practices. By working with the whole person and allowing the body's own responses to dictate the process, these techniques simply stimulate the body's remarkable capacity to heal itself.  

     In the case of Touch for Health, Dr. Vieira uses muscle testing to allow her to identify energy blocks and imbalances. Reflex and acupressure points together with specialized massage techniques release the blocks and restore balance. The instinctive responses communicated through specific muscles enable her to identify individual needs and blockages. The techniques in Touch for Health employ touching in a non invasive way with the use of muscle testing, the massage of neurolymphatic points, touching of neurovascular points, tapping or running her hand just above the  body where the meridians are located.  

(Specific charts indicating these points and areas can be viewed on this website under the Energy Psychologist tab.) 

     Dr. Vieira has been a Touch For Health instructor since 1980. 

     When appropriate, and according to her clinical judgment, Dr. Vieira may suggest some  kinesiology techniques in her work with you. Obviously, there are also many non-somatic focused forms of psychotherapy and counseling from which you can select. 

     Dr. Vieira has been writing books about human development and troubling issues since 1993. It is her passion to add to the joy in understanding our human dilemma.


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